18 Cool Things To Put In Your Room

18 Cool Things To Put In Your Room

You’re enjoying your home! And now, you’re looking for something unique to add to your nest! Need some tips? Here are 20 cool things to put in your room that may have not crossed your mind.

Some of these are so much fun you’d probably end up buying more than one. And no, I’m not talking about a flower vase or an antique table. Want to find out what they are?  Keep reading.

1) Bedshelfie

Do you want your coffee on your bedside table every morning? But alas, you live in a small apartment and there’s no room for a bedside table. Enter the Bedshelfie.

You can install this cute little bedside shelf on all small beds, including bunk beds. It clamps right to your bed frame. One of the models even slides inside to save space when you’re not sleeping.

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Bed Shelfie

2) Upholstered Wall Panels

Ever walked into a hotel room and marveled at the wall-mounted headboards? Well, how would you like a similar setup at home, too?

With minimal effort, you can install these headboards and give your room a plush look. Plus, they cut down noises. So, if you want to enjoy a movie real loud without disturbing your neighbors, this one’s for you.

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Upholstered Wall Panels

3) Corner Wall Shelf

Let’s talk display! Room corners are the best when trying to showcase your collectibles. And that’s why this wall-mounted corner shelf can be your next favorite purchase.

The size is adaptable for any kind of room. Plus, you can also use it to store things if you’re not much of a collectible person.

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Corner Wall Shelf

4) BlissLights Sky Lite

What if you could lie under the stars without having to leave your room? Sounds intriguing? If yes, you should get this Sky Lite to brighten up your interior.

This special-effect lighting system is a LED-based projector that makes your ambiance feel special.

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BlissLights Sky Lite

5) LED Strip Lights with Remote

Relax and wind down with these multi-colored strip lights that you can control with a remote. They are so flexible you can put them up in any room or even the hallway.

And of course, there’s always a special occasion, a Holiday, a birthday, or just a Saturday, when you feel the need to light things up. In such situations, these lights are perfect.

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LED Strip Lights with Remote

6) Hammock Swing

Get ready to lounge on a summer afternoon with a classic novel on this beautiful swing. That’s right, it’s a swing that has the feel of a hammock.

The best part? It’s portable. So, bring it inside and set it next to your tv on a rainy day. And when the sun shines bright, relax, swing, and enjoy your peaceful moments on your porch or in your backyard.

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Hammock Swing

7) Tabletop Fountain

Ah! The soothing sound of water flowing down a stream! What can it not do to uplift your mood? You can now destress yourself with this relaxation fountain with natural rocks.

It has 3 tiers to make you feel like the water is flowing down smoothly, just like in a natural waterfall.

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Tabletop Fountain

8) Charging Station

Who says your tablet charging station has to be boring? Here’s one sleek design apt for Apple product owners.

Set this up on your work desk and allow the upscale design to give your workspace an elite look. Plus, your devices don’t lie around scattered anymore, tangled in a bunch of adapters.

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Charging Station

9) Window Privacy Film

How do you like the elegance of patterned glass? Sounds admirable but you don’t want to change your window panes? There’s an easy solution.

Get these films that stick to your windows without glue. Apart from blocking UV rays and glare, they impart a colorful glow to your room.

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Window Privacy Film

10) Hidden Storage Wall Clock

Remember those hidden safes in detective novels and movies that no one used to notice? You can get one of those, too.

All you need is this wall clock with hidden storage. Keep your valuables safe and away from prying eyes. For others, it’s just a clock that tells time.

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Hidden Storage Wall Clock

11) Hollywood Lights

Do you want to put on makeup like you’re a Hollywood star on the cover page of a vanity magazine?

Enter Hollywood Lights. Just fix them up with your regular mirror and you’re good to go. Plus, they brighten up the ambiance of the room.

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12) Glow in the Dark Blanket

This fluffy little blanket automatically recharges under any light. When the light turns off, it produces a brilliant effect of a beautifully starlit sky.

It’s almost as if you’re out camping and fall asleep under a tree. Except, you get the same feeling inside the comfort of your bedroom.

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Glow in The Dark Blanket

13) Square Light Changing Panels

Want something more than light? How about a combination of light and sound that’s so smart it modifies according to your taste? That’s what this smart LED light panel brings to your home.

Touch it to change the lighting color and sync it with your favorite music. Perfect for a living room or an art/music room.

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Square Light Changing Panels

14) Purple Pillow

You can only be productive during the day when you’re well-rested. And for that, you need a supportive pillow.

Memory foam is now passe with this recent innovation. This pillow never bends under pressure. All it does is provide maximum support for your head and neck all night long.

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Purple Pillow

15) Smart Sleep Wake Up Light

Love to wake up and watch that sunrise but work keeps you up late? Well, now you can simulate sunrise and sunset with this smart light.

It also includes wake-up sounds if you’re looking to hear birds chirping first thing in the morning. Helps you relax and adjust your sleep cycle. Besides, the sun is always visually appealing, even if it’s a simulation, isn’t it?

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Smart Sleep Wake Up Light

16)  Bunk Bed Couch

Extra guests in your home and you’re worried there’s not enough space to sleep? Here’s your answer. A couch that transforms into a bunk bed!

Two adults can now sleep peacefully on this sturdily designed couch. When everyone’s awake, simply turn it back to a couch in less than a minute!

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Bunk Bed Couch

17.) Lumbar Support Pillow

Let’s talk about sleep again. The reason? To rest properly, you need support for your back. This lumbar support pillow gives you just that.

So, if you need some back-pain relief after a long, hard day, here’s your way to relax. Also effective for those with chronic back pain.

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Lumbar Support Pillow

18) Sound Machine

The sound machine is loaded with natural relaxing sounds such as the chirping of birds, the sound of rainfall, waves crashing on the seashore, and many more.

Fall asleep to these peaceful sounds and wake up feeling refreshed.

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Sound Machine

Functional and Cool Ideas For Your Room

Decor for your home is much more than lively curtains and picture frames. Smart technologies now allow you to beautify your space with varied options.

Set up an intelligent lighting system, place a relaxing fountain, enhance your storage space, and much more with these cool ideas. So, go right ahead and transform your room and your house into your haven.

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