5 Guest Bathroom Ideas: Make Them Feel Welcome

5 Guest Bathroom Ideas: Make Them Feel Welcome

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Does your home have a designated guest bathroom and it needs a tender loving upgrade? Then welcome, you’ve found the right place. We’ve gathered some amazing guest bathroom ideas we are sure you’ll love. These tips are so easy and simple that anyone can do them, and even on a tight budget. Now, who doesn’t want that, right?

When it comes to designing or decorating bathrooms, the guest bathroom seems to always take the backseat. But just because it’s rarely used, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it much thought or attention. It’s the very place where your family or friends will most likely spend their time first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, so it should be welcoming, convenient, and comfortable.

If you’re planning to update your guest bathroom, here are 5 great guest bathroom ideas to get you started:

1. Style

While you don’t have to go all luxurious or whimsical for your guest bathroom, it should have a certain eye catching style that’s welcoming, appeals to many people, and of course, feels homey and comfortable.

Your guest bathroom should be similar to a hotel bathroom – basic, bright, and with just the right amount of decor that makes the space beautiful and relaxing.

To keep it safe, a neutral color palette is the most ideal for any guest bathroom. Colors such as white, off-white, beige, cream, taupe, or very light gray are best. They appeal to most people and they make any space seem bigger than it is. It also makes the bathroom easy to clean as you can spot stains and dirt at first glance.

Neutral colors also add classic elegance to the bathroom, creating a timeless style that will stay chic for many years to come. Light colors also make the space bright and open, making it more homey and comfortable for your guests.

Once you have the monochromatic color scheme in place, you can play around with accents such as using bright colored mirror frames, a colorful painting on a wall, or metallic accessories on the counter space.

2. Layout

If you’re still in the process of planning your guest bathroom construction, then planning the layout is key to making sure the space is conducive for guests. There’s no need to have an elaborate design or fixtures. As long as you have the basics, such as a toilet, shower, and sink, a guest bathroom is good to go.

You also need to make sure there’s enough room to spread out. Resist the urge to crowd your guest bathroom. As long as you have the basics and a small spot for storage, the space can serve its functional purpose.

3. Storage

Speaking of storage space, your guest bathroom does not need a big storage area. Your guests will most likely only stay for a few days and will only need a couple of shelves or a narrow drawer to store their toothbrushes and toiletries. Opt for open storage solutions such as shelving units, cubes, and bins. These open storage solutions will also make it easier for your guests to find bathroom necessities such as towels, soaps, and other bathroom needs.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget to place bathroom essentials such as hand towels, a hamper, a wastebasket, a few toiletries, and perhaps a bathroom in noticeable areas. It gives your guests a welcoming feeling when they see you’ve prepared for their arrival.

4. Lighting

Natural lighting is the best kind of lighting for your bathroom as it offers a cozy and open space. If you have a window in the bathroom, opt for light-colored and light fabric curtains. If you don’t have a window in the bathroom, of course, placing ventilation is a necessity. When you don’t have access to a window, overhead lighting is recommended.

You can also add LED lights behind the frame of a vanity mirror to add a touch of drama.

5. Accessories

If you already have a guest bathroom and you want to update the space without changing too much or spending a lot of money, you can start with changing hardware into more contemporary styles. Updating your sink faucet, towel bars, cabinet knobs and toilet flush handle with brushed chrome and other materials can instantly elevate your bathroom without spending too much. However, try to avoid having too many things in a bathroom as you don’t want your guest bathroom to feel cluttered.

You can also add a full-length mirror to create the illusion. But most importantly a full length mirror is helpful for guests to check on their outfit and look for the day.

Maybe you want a contemporary look, so you add in chrome bathroom accessories such as a metallic trash can, a grey framed mirror, a faux-gold vase, and other accents. Or, if you want a tropical theme, you can use straw baskets, hemp accents, and tropical scented candles.

You can make it feel like a spa retreat by providing guest towels for the bathroom that is plush and elegant. To give your guests a resort-quality, devote special attention to a soft texture for your guest bathroom towels.

Updating or designing an eye catching guest bathroom doesn’t’ need to be elaborate or intricate. With a few basic tips, ideas, and the right touch of accessories, your guest bathroom will be both functional and beautiful, making your guests feel welcome in your home.

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